Riverdale Season 5 Filmed in Ascension; K.J. Apa Actually Dies From Falling Piano Injuries

To FBI agents if you’re reading this, it’s NOT libel the whole thing is just a JOKE.

To KJ Apa if you’re reading this hiiii Archie :) I’m a big fan

To God Almighty Lord Savior Heaven Above if you’re reading this I’m sorry

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A Closer Look at Ascension’s Carvings

If you’re like me, you always enter Ascension through the Middle Path entrance. Actually, if you’re anyone at Kenyon right now, that’s definitely where you’re entering Ascension, because you have to. But last year I had Arabic in Ascension 126, which would be accessible through the main doors if there weren’t a class in 105, so I had to go in through the south-facing entrance. If you look closely at the stones around this entrance, there are a number of carvings, mostly of initials and class numbers. Let’s take a look!

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10 o’clock list: Things That Do Not Match the Aesthetic of Third Floor Ascension

5376373984_3f373dc7ab_bThird floor ascension. The most elegant of third floors. The richness of the wood paneled walls, the oak tables and the non-fluorescent lighting make for a perfect studious environment. This gothic, castle like classiness can feel like a haven in which only the most serious of book learning and essay writing can take place. Now, however, it is time to flip the script, go against the grain and pee into the wind, because we are about to examine the things that would shatter the Hogwarts-esque aesthetic of third floor ascension. Continue reading