Athlete Profile: Maria Zarka ’16

maria zarka

Maria Zarka ’16 (source)


Maria Zarka ’16 is a very successful diver for Kenyon Women’s Swimming and Diving. She is a two time national champion, and also represented Tonga in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland. 

Q: How did you get involved with diving?

A: Back in Hawaii, people are always jumping off of high places into bodies of water. I decided to try it as a sport.

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Athlete Profile: Andrew Herring ’15


 Andrew Herring ’15 on the left is a member of Kenyon’s tennis team. 

Q: How did you get involved with tennis at Kenyon?

A: The coaches contacted me through my dad when I was in high school. My dad and I scheduled a visit to the school a month or two later and then came up to Gambier. I didn’t really know much about Kenyon before I visited and then I found out it was a pretty good school. When I visited and saw the KAC, realized that this was the only place I wanted to go. So basically I came to Kenyon for athletics, and the fact that it was a good school played second fiddle. Continue reading

Athlete Profile: Tim Connolly

Class: 2016
Team: Lords Basketball
Position: Point Guard
Hometown: San Francisco, California

Tim Connolly Q- When did you start playing basketball?

A- I probably started playing when I was around 6.

Q- What is the most valuable lesson Kenyon Basketball has taught you?

A- Would it be bad if I said ‘remember your shoes’? We had an away game last night and I forgot my shoes in my room so I had to wear one shoe that was size 11 and another that was size 14.

Q- How has the season gone so far?

A- So far, we are 8-8, so historically it’s going pretty well. We have a couple games left so we are hoping to close out the season pretty strong.

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