Chris Mosier at Kenyon!


Chris Mosier, y’all!!! ~via

Attention, everyone!!! Chris Mosier, U.S. Olympic athlete, is coming to Kenyon tomorrow! Besides being a member of the mens’ triathlon and duathlon teams, he’s also the first transgender Olympic athlete to make the U.S. Olympic team. This event is hosted by Kenyon Athletes for Equality and Kenyon Student Athletes!

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Queer 101: Information Blast!!!


BOOM! Info blast. ~via MythBusters


BOOM! It’s ▲Queer 101▲ again, back with some info about queer life at Kenyon! Here you’ll find a guide to all the student-run LGBTQIA+ organizations on campus. I’m sure many of you already learned about these clubs at the activities fair, but for those of you who didn’t (or were too overwhelmed by the insanity of a thousand booths and a giant walking puppet to take in any real information), here’s a comprehensive list of said clubs and instructions on how to join them. Enjoy!

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A Day in the Life: Sarah Speroff ’18

Sarah Speroff '18

Lady Sarah Speroff suited up for battle.

In this feature, The Thrill will showcase a typical day of a member of the Kenyon Community: student, faculty, or staff. If you have nominations for people to be showcased, please share them in the comments or email us at

Though Sarah Speroff ’18 and I share the same name, most everyone just calls her Speroff: The name printed on the back of her jersey. Speroff has always considered herself to be a sports person; she’s had years of experience playing hockey (both field and ice) and lacrosse. She is a member of Kenyon’s varsity field hockey team, and she also played lacrosse during her first year. Winter is technically the off-season for field hockey, but the team still gathers together for meals as well as lifting and conditioning. She’s also a member of the budding FHockapella, which had its inaugural performance at the fall Gospel Choir concert. On top of being a team member, she is co-president of Kenyon College Athletes for Equality, an organization that works to create awareness of LGBTQ issues in athletics on both the professional and college levels, promoting inclusivity and respect on every sports team. She also works to protect the Kenyon community in her job as a lifeguard at the KAC pool. Beyond the world of athletics, she is a dedicated sophomore biology major with an environmental studies concentration and an anthropology minor. Though she hails from land-locked Cleveland, where she admits Lake Erie does not provide the ideal aquatic ecosystem, her passion has been environmental marine ecology ever since her high school marine biology class visited the Island School in the Bahamas. On campus, her closest connection to the underwater realm is her beloved betta fish Mango, who she keeps in her Taft apartment in a tank that doubles as a terrarium for growing aquaponic basil.

Here is an under-the-surface look at a typical Monday in the life of Sarah Speroff:

8:30 am: I woke up and went to breakfast with my teammates on Old Side. I had eggs. I always have eggs, and maybe hash brown triangles if they have them. Also coffee. I’m addicted and it’s rough. On a good day I drink 4 to 7 cups of coffee. I take it straight and black, but I also have a french press for when I want something fancier.

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Collegian Nominated for Collegiate Journalism Award


For what is believed to be the first time ever, a piece published in the Collegian last school year has been nominated for an ACP Story of the Year award. The ACP is the Associated Collegiate Press, an organization of collegiate journalists. Many publications, including newspapers, magazines, and yearbooks, all run by colleges, are members of the ACP. Membership entitles associated publications to attend conferences, access educational resources for aspiring journalists, and enter an annual collegiate journalism contest.

This year a piece written by current Co-Editor in Chief of the Collegian, Sarah Lehr, ’15, has been nominated under the category of diversity. The piece is available here. Continue reading

Holden Richards ’15 Discusses His “Ten Minutes of Fame”, Coming Out at Kenyon


Last Saturday, Holden Richards ’15 emerged from the blustery whirlwind of snow into the coffee-scented chatter of Wiggin Street, “I don’t think we’ve met,” he said as he extended his hand to me. Richards (along with his boyfriend, Addison) sat down to discuss his “ten minutes of fame” — recently featured in an article by Cyd Zeigler on that generated much buzz at Kenyon and beyond, the junior lacrosse player publicly revealed that he was gay.  Continue reading