Peirce Hack: Cinnamon Apple Grilled Cheese

cinnamon-apple-butter-grilled-cheeseEven though the temperature is hovering around the 80s and Birkenstocks are still everyone’s shoe of choice, I can safely say that autumn is now upon us. While I’m a huge proponent of pumpkin spice everything and soup for every meal, my favorite fall snack is a crisp apple with, if I’m feeling a little extra festive, a sprinkle of cinnamon. The other day I wondered what would happen if I paired this with the timeless grilled cheese sandwich and not to brag, but this may be the Best Peirce Hack Yet.

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What to do With Your Fall Break

oh BABY! (via

Hello and welcome to The Thrill‘s guide to navigating a long weekend on the hill! Considering it’s our only casual break in the academic year, reading days are a big deal here. We’re not getting time off for a holiday, but we’re not getting a whole week to just travel to wherever-the-hell, so a lot of students stay on campus and get creative with their freedom. Plenty of people are content with relaxing their Daze away and taking advantage of the breathing space the break gives them. But for the others who maybe want to try something new, boy oh boy do we have a few tricks up our sleeves for you!

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Kenyon Outdoors: Fall Foliage

Despite the steamy weather, autumn has arrived. Hints of gold are emerging everywhere on campus and the stench of squash hovers thickly in the air. Fall at Kenyon is famous for a reason, and the leafy brochures enticing prospective students are literal garbage when compared to the real thing. Documenting the seasonal change was a top priority for us here at The Thrill, so this week I lathered myself in sunscreen and dragged my camera down to Middle Path, hoping to snap some scenic photos. And did I ever!!!!


The subtle beige undertones are coming out nicely!

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Kenyon Krafts: Homage to Autumn


Baby come back


We all know that fall is the prettiest time of year in Gambier, Ohio. The hard sharp leaves, the insects in unexpected places, the constant fight for survival against bloodthirsty skeleton hordes: what’s not to love? Unfortunately, it’s April right now. April, the month where the sun is acting like a total goober and shining everywhere, turning fragile folds of skin into crunchy pink husks, melting perfectly good dirt-igloos into dirt-puddles. Where am I supposed to sleep now, Sun? In a bed? Cloth chafes my tender neck pustules and irritates my ichthyosis. So in this time of need, when the icy caress of late fall is a mere fantasy, I took it upon myself to be crafty and create an homage to autumn. And you can too!

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