Collegian Nominated for Collegiate Journalism Award


For what is believed to be the first time ever, a piece published in the Collegian last school year has been nominated for an ACP Story of the Year award. The ACP is the Associated Collegiate Press, an organization of collegiate journalists. Many publications, including newspapers, magazines, and yearbooks, all run by colleges, are members of the ACP. Membership entitles associated publications to attend conferences, access educational resources for aspiring journalists, and enter an annual collegiate journalism contest.

This year a piece written by current Co-Editor in Chief of the Collegian, Sarah Lehr, ’15, has been nominated under the category of diversity. The piece is available here. Continue reading

Uphill/Downhill: Awards

Welp, that was a bust.

Uphill: High Hopes — I for one could not have been more excited for the 24th Annual Student Leadership Awards, where I thought the Thrill would pick up all the available prizes, including Greek Organization of the Year and Unsung Hero.  I would have felt like Adele when she won all those Grammys.  Or Beyonce, or whoever else won a hell of a lot of awards. Peter Jackson?

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We Were Nominated for an Award


We at The Thrill like to share our accomplishments, our failings, and our general musings with all of you. In fact we have a pretty open book policy. With that sentiment we feel it is our duty and our self-indulgent pleasure to inform you that we have been nominated for The Student Organization of the Year Award. The Kenyon website defines this prize as a prestigious award that is given out to a student organization for its “outstanding accomplishments during the academic year.” In honor of ourselves we are going all out. Expect Oscar -worthy ensembles and tear jerking thank you/it sucks that we lost speeches. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers with us on Tuesday afternoon as we await our fates. As always, it was an honor just to be nominated…

Kenyon College Alumni Bulletin “Best in the Nation” … Again

The Kenyon College Alumni Bulletin has been awarded the 2011 Robert Sibley Magazine of the Year award, which apparently makes it not only a great source of personal details about your professors, but also the best college or university magazine in the nation.

The judges praised the Bulletin for its “light touch” and its “confidence … sense of humor, and skepticism,” according to the Kenyon website. This is the second time the Bulletin has won the award in three years; the only other college publication to win two entire times is the Cornell Alumni Magazine. The award has been around since 1943, so that’s actually a pretty big deal.

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education likes the Bulletin in part because “it doesn’t take its subject, Kenyon College, too seriously.” If that wins awards, The Thrill just might be next in line.