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The Village Inn: good eating and awkward company. Via

A trip to the Village Inn is never guaranteed to be free of awkward encounters. Whether you arrive for a first date or a casual get-together with friends, you may find any combination of professors, professors and their children, professors and their significant others, teammates, parents, community members, and hopefully–the awkward counterpart to your date. That’s a lot to bite off before the main course. What is perhaps doubly worse about the V.I. is the close proximity of the seating arrangements–whether you like it or not, you’ll likely hear most of the neighboring party’s conversation. When the other party becomes aware of your wide-eyed, staring presence, you might even have to participate in it. Uh, check please!! Before you plunge into an uncomfortable dinner, you should know what you’re getting into. Here’s a diagram to help you navigate the perils of dicey dining: Continue reading

10 o’clock list: What to Do When You Realize You’re Flirting with a Prospie

In case you need to be saved this Thumbs Up Day. (via

Somehow, after the blur that was Send-Off and the nine hours you spent in the library today making up for Send-Off, you forgot that today was Thumbs Up Day. Fine. No big deal. You go to dinner, sit down with your friends and there he/she/it is. You think to yourself, This is a really weird time for someone to be coming back from abroad. But because the world is still moving strangely slow, you’re willing to suspend disbelief. So you get to talking, you get to laughing, you get to flirting and you ask them if they’re free tonight. They ask you to wait just a second, and then they take it out: the folder.

“Yes!” they say in a high-pitched and chipper voice. “Looks like there isn’t another program until tomorrow!”

You’re now at an impasse. What on earth do you do? Don’t worry, friends! We’ve got you covered.

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How To Deal (Or Not) With Alumni

A posed moment from an alumni event in DC (via DC Alumni Facebook Page)

A posed moment from an alumni event in DC (via DC Alumni Facebook Page)

My favorite time of year has rolled around.  Summer Send-Off is here and I know there are others out there who are equally as excited.  Send-Off though is far from perfect usually. There are so many variables to deal with: weather, sobriety and sometimes the people.  Yes, the people.  Every year one of my favorite parts of Send-Off are the alumni who come back to relive the glory for at least one more day.  There are a lot of different kinds of alumni though. Some are your best friends, and some are no more than casual acquaintances from years past.  These are the ones that you need to worry about.  These are not your best friends; they are the ones that took that Political Science requirement with you when you were a Sophomore.  These are the kids that took an Intro class as a Senior to fill a distribution requirement and sat next to you.

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