Bone Up: Cyber Sexual Stress


“When I was your age,” barked my grandma, “we didn’t have these newfangled video telephones! If you really wanted to show a gal how you felt below the belt, you’d do it in a letter!”


When it comes to courting in the modern age, our generation has a staggering amount of tools at our disposal. From text messages to Snapchats, Skypes, Vibes, and everything in between, the act of broadcasting our naughty bits to our beaus and strangers alike has become exponentially easier.

But whereas grandma’s explicit letters could be delayed or lost in the mail, our virtual communications also have a wealth of issues of their own. Continue reading

Weekend Playlist: Songs That Subtly Say “Get At Me”

Mix CDs are empirically the best way to communicate your deep (or not-so-deep) romantic feelings for someone, especially if you’re awkward. Handing your special someone a mix CD with a handwritten track list turns your awkward silence into endearing shyness. The trick is to have a final song that’s suggestive enough to get your point across, and then fill the rest up with CHVRCHES or Mac Demarco or whatever the kids are into these days. Here are some suggestions for that magical “Come And Get It” song.

This isn’t the greatest Beatles song (it’s no “She Came In Through the Bathroom Window”) but I think it’s mixtape magic. Fact: I know two (2) people who have started serious relationships with this song. Use with caution.

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10 o’clock list: 5 Anxiety-Causing Professor Interactions

college is hard...

college is hard…

I’m going to be brutally honest here; I don’t consider professors real people. No sane person could possibly want to deal with a bunch of college students, so professors must be some type of transient beings who cannot exist beyond the realm of academia. Professors may even live on a different plane of existence than us mere mortals (something like this). With their otherworldliness in mind, I am constantly in fear of having to interact with professors outside of the traditional classroom setting. The following situations could make a grown man cry:

1. The Inquisitive E-Mail- “Alright, time to shoot off an e-mail to my English professor about formatting. Wait, is shooting off too informal? How formal should I be? Oh God, I don’t remember how to write a business letter. How should I close? Is putting ‘Love, Matt’ too much? It is? Crap, I hit “send” instead of “cancel.” I guess I have to transfer.”

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