Best Backpacks on Campus


packin’ heat

It’s time we show more love for man’s best friend. No, I’m not talking about stopping to pet every single dog on Middle Path, we know you already do that. It’s time to honor the companion that’s been there for you since day one. The backpack, on top of being a close friend and container for all of your prized possessions, can serve as an extension of one’s personal style. Let’s all appreciate some notable backpacks that you may have seen walking around campus!

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10 o’clock list: Most Popular Backpacks at Kenyon

#1. Stylish!

For our last list before break, I hereby present what I’ve observed to be the most popular types of bag at Kenyon. Because what better way to start spring break than by reminding you of the things you carry your textbooks in?

1. Jansport backpacks with suede bottoms, a.k.a. Right Packs.

2. Those weird Swedish backpacks with foxes on them, a.k.a. Kankens.

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