Pinegrove Release New Album

MeridianSo you first years probably haven’t heard of Pinegrove, but basically, they’re a really awesome band comprised of Evan Hall and Nandi Plunkett (both class of ’11), and they just released a new album.  It’s really good.

Sometimes plodding along with heavy, distorted, alt-rock footsteps, sometimes dancing around aching harmonies with skittering drums and nimble guitar work and occasionally letting loose with cathartic outbursts of emotion, Meridian may sound familiar to old Pinegrove fans: some older tunes have been slightly reworked (“Mather Knoll” has some new reggae trappings), but the old favorites are still strong (to the delight of those among us who live for belting “I AGREE WITH YOUR IDEAS BUT NOT YOUR TACTICS” at the top of our lungs).

You can stream and download the album (for whatever price you like) after the jump.

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Meet “The Wolves,” Interactive Art from David Masnato ’11

A screenshot from "The Wolves," a new piece of interactive art from David Masnato '11.

One day last summer, David Masnato ’11 was talking with some friends about the movie Dances with Wolves and inadvertantly mispoke, calling it Dances without Wolves. Jokingly, his friends suggested that the former Studio Art major use it as the concept for his next piece – and that was that.

Masnato didn’t expect anything to come of the concept. It was just, after all, a mistatement. Soon, though, he found himself at a loss for creative inspiration. “I had some pretty serious, I don’t know if writers block is the right term, but I didn’t know what I wanted to make next,” he said by phone last week. Then, he remembered the jokes about Dances without Wolves and decided to run without.

What came out of those jokes and Masnato’s sort-of writers block is an interactive experience remeniscent of a video game, a children’s book and a movie all at once. Dropping the cinematic name, the work is now called simply The Wolves.

Download the piece below the jump.

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