It Happened to Me: My Bagel Caught on Fire


The day my life changed.

Picture this: November 1st, 2014 a young freshman girl wandering through the servery deciding what it is exactly she wants to eat. Having been a Kenyon student for two months, she finally feels as though she’s starting to get a grip on her Peirce options. She could go to the salad bar, or International, or… or she could get a bagel.

Now pause this picture. Believe it or not, that girl was me. I know, I know. Two years at Kenyon has transformed me beyond belief. I am no longer that unsteady, unsure girl who braved the servery that early November morning. I’m smarter, debatably stronger, and much more equipped to deal with stressful Peirce situations than I was then. But this story isn’t about me. It’s about me, in late 2014.

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10 o’clock list: Holidays Peirce should Celebrate in February

Gather round for the festive Peirce season!

Gather ’round for the festive Peirce season!

With February coming up, there are already many holidays Peirce is celebrating. Between Lunar Day and Valentine’s Day, we are going to get some real treats  from Chef Megan this month. But what about the holidays Peirce is looking over? There could be some real opportunities here. Look for them after the jump! Continue reading