10 o’clock List: Dating Sites For Your Major

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Colin Mocherie does it. You could too.

Perhaps graduation is upon you, and with no parent-appeasing conventional relationships to show of, you’re in between a romantic rock and a hard place. Or maybe you’re just trying to look for love in all the right places, err, websites. Cool. Either way, if you’re struggling to get your online dating persona off the ground and into somebody else’s pants, don’t panic! Here’s a list of online dating sites perfect for somebody in your academic specialty. Finding a dating site by your major might just lead to lead you to one major, sightly date. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

1. Environmental studies — You use biodegradable condoms and you’re really down to earth. Goats make you elated and overalls are cool. Obviously, FarmersOnly is the site for you! Let a cowboy ride up to your romance ranch and saddle up for a great love story! With its accessible amenities for the technologically challenged, this site is sure to offer you an innumerable amount of potential dates, complete with pictures of the left side of their face and a large fish, bad selfies, large belt-buckles, guns and even an occasional picture of bears! Smells like roma— shit, that was llama poop.

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IKEA Monkey Leaves IKEA, Winds up at Bookstore


The Bookstore is full of quirky things. Because we live in the cute snow globe that is Gambier, we need to be able to buy tchotchkes at the same place we buy our books and bagels (when we’re feeling too lazy to walk to Peirce…or Wiggle). Within that sea of trinkets, however, sometimes one in particular stands out. Behold — the IKEA monkey air freshener.

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Hey, Alums — Just Because You Graduated Doesn’t Mean You Can Climb The Cove

Snapchat/interpretation courtesy of Natalie Reneau '15.

Snapchat interpretation courtesy of Natalie Reneau ’15.

Each week our chums over at the Collegian publish a Village Record of illicit goings-on around Gambier, which we at The Thrill use to play rousing games of “Pin The Famous Alum On The #SoQuirky Anonymous Descriptor.” The above, from this week’s edition — “Alumni found to be on roof of college building in the Gambier Grill apartments. Individuals notified that it was strictly prohibited. Also notified of requirement to register as guest” — was Snapchatted to me by an eagle-eyed friend, bearing the legend “Josh Radnor get out.” It was absolutely him, guys. I’ll bet my badge and gun (yes, Thrill editors get a badge and a gun, it’s standard operating procedure) he had Zibby up there with him, staring up at the night sky and naming the constellations.

#BanQuirky — Let’s Try It Out, Kenyon

Hey, Zibby. (Sidenote -- Did you know Josh Radnor went here?)

Hey, Zibby. (Sidenote — Did you know Josh Radnor went here?)

You may be aware of the campaign to ban the word “bossy”, spearheaded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and endorsed by celebs from Beyoncé to Condoleezza Rice. You may also be aware that it’s late March, which means that prospies are gracing our fair campus, springing up like sweaty, terrified crocuses trying to pretend they’re not here with their parents.

I think there’s only one option here — let’s team up to bring some of the #banbossy spirit to bear on Prosppocalypse this year and eradicate the cliché of the typical Kenyon student as “quirky” once and for all.

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