The Kenyon Gaming Chronicles: Part III

This post is another installment in The Kenyon Gaming Chronicles, a feature in which we attempt to play every Free-To-Play game in the Steam store. Sure, the goal is lofty, but these games are affordable, omnipresent and simple to download – what could possibly go wrong?

Mmm, steamy.

Mmm, steamy.

For this week’s installment, my devoted friends and I chose to download the highly reviewed “how do you Do It?” an indie game created by Nina Freeman and Emmett Butler. (Note the title’s stylistic capitalization. That will be ESSENTIAL later on.)

Let’s Do It.

(A quick warning to the squeamish: This game involves plastic dolls which vaguely resemble naked humans. Don’t proceed if you aren’t prepared.)

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Spotted at Walmart: “Glam Laundry” Barbie?!?!?!?!

-5I was at the Mount Vernon Walmart the other day, browsing the toy aisle (you know, like adults do), when something strange and mystical caught my eye. Sandwiched between “Princess Mariposa” and “Unlicensed Hunger Games Knockoff Doll #4” was this baffling Barbie — as you can see, she’s doing “Glam Laundry!”, complete with a kitten, a plethora of tiny outfits and a washing machine with a bow on it. Is this what doing laundry is supposed to look like at the collegiate level? Continue reading

10 o’clock List: 5 Things To Do This Spring

Fabio knows what's up

Fabio knows what’s up.

You may think it’s a sure sign of the dead of winter when you can spot the Nuge by her purple Uggs — but don’t fear! Spring is on its way, and you won’t want to miss out on what’s hip-hop happenin’ on the Hill. Here’s a list of ideas to cure your cabin fever…

1)    Big Pimpin’: Barbie-Car Edition. What could possibly be more fun than ridin’ dirty to your 9:10 in this little pink sex-wagon? Legs, bikes, Segways—too much work with too little swag. After class, just roll right into the Caples elevator and back to the penthouse. Come on Kenyon, life in plastic, it’s fantastic! Continue reading

Barbie Gets Some Tats

Last month, Mattel released a new Barbie who has apparently made a few trips to the tattoo parlor. The Tokidoki Barbie Doll isn’t wearing anything too risqué, but she has caused a lot of controversy.  Some parents are outraged, questioning whether it’s an appropriate toy for young girls. CNBC said “this is not a mainstream Barbie product intended for young girls. The $50 doll is being marketed to adult collectors.”  Still, some parents feel this Barbie and all Barbies have detrimental effects on their daughters’ development into strong, independent women.

Well, Sarah Haskins might have  something to say about that…

[Editor’s Note: I think we buried the lede here. The real question is, why is tattoo Barbie’s dog dressed like a cactus?]