BathroomGate; or, Peirce, Tall Girls, & You

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I’m no stranger to the bathrooms on the first floor of Peirce Dining Hall. I previously wrote a whole post instigated by being annoyed at how short the urinals are. You might think that that’s enough content on the blog about this one specific bathroom. You might even say, “Damn, Mike, chill out with this bathroom stuff,” but I will not chill out with this bathroom stuff. Not when I’m sitting here like Dustin Hoffman in All the President’s Men ready to blow this whole “bathroom thing” wide open. The doors to the Men’s and Women’s room are different heights.

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Exposé: Wash Your Damn Hands

Exposé: Wash Your Damn Hands

Alright, I’ll be upfront with everyone: I am not a fan of germs. I get wigged out if people around me are feeling sick, and my hands are cracked like an old terrible vase from how often I wash them in this frigid flu season we’re all going through. So I’m aware that, sometimes, I’m a little more bothered than most about things that might get you sick.

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Disturbing Building Materials in Renovated Library Bathroom

Thankfully, the renovations in 3rd floor women’s bathroom in Olin are complete. Everyone’s favorite secret spot has finally been reopened. However, while I was making a glorious renovated bathroom victory lap, I noticed something disturbing: the stall dividers look like plastic composite mixed with pubic hair shavings.


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Sounding Off: Shower Sex

shower sex cat

Showers, we all have them. Some of us use them more than others and some of them use them with others more than others. In a campus full of doubles, finding a moment alone with someone special in a bed can be hard to come by. But shower stalls, shower stalls are always deserted. Annaliese and Becca have some things to say about the acceptability of using these empty showers for a non-cleansing purpose.

Annaliese: I’m paranoid enough about contracting some sort of foot disease when I head to the shower for a little scrub-a-dub-dub. I really would prefer to not have to worry about slipping on your bodily fluids as well.

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10 o’clock list: A Stall and its Graffiti


There is a single stall on campus with by far the best graffiti on campus.  I will not say in this post where it is, those that know about it will never tell either because it will be overrun with people who want to mess with the sanctity that is that stalls graffiti-art exhibit.  It is equal parts cultural, humorous, topical and heart-warming. Tonight, I have compiled photos of some of my favorite pieces. This is not a definitive list. Like a fine wine, or modern art, some will appreciate certain parts, and others will find different nuances to appreciate.  Enjoy, what is in my humble opinion, the graffiti worth curating.

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