No-Shave November and Beard of the Week: Tommy Hans

Mr. Movember

This week, a slew of Kenyon men have taken it upon themselves to honor the annual month-long marathon of virility known as No-Shave November. For the next 30 days, Kenyon is about to get a whole lot fuzzier. While some people find the sudden onslaught of scruff to be sexy, others (a.k.a. mothers and DFMO’s) aren’t as receptive.

And while most folks participate in No-Shave November for the sake of demonstrating their superior hair-growing skills, those with more charitable aspirations might want to consider being a part of  Movember, a month-long charity event during which men grow mustaches to raise funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

But be it beard, mustache, or mutton chop; all facial hair is welcome here on The Thrill during these cold winter months.

But for now, check out the Beard of the Week after the jump!

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Beard of the Week: Will “Big Willy” Quam

Coming back from a week-long hiatus after allegedly “compromising the identity of an individual under witness protection” (emphasis on allegedly!!!), one would believe that people just don’t grow beards anymore. While we’re no Virginia City, rest assured that in these cold winter months, the scruffy faces of Gambier are still steadily putting up shots in the chin-blanket department. So without further ado, here’s your beard of the week:

Big Willy's Beard of the Week

The Man: Will Quam ’14

The Look: “The Nord”

Grow Time: 2-3 weeks

Inspirations: Verdi, “Rugged” Clooney, and the Vikings of Old

Beard of the Week: [REDACTED]

We all know that Kenyon is home to an incredibly diverse community. We’ve got scholars, athletes, and even the occasional person who might’ve witnessed a horrible double-axe murder who’s been forced to change his/her identity and relocate to rural Ohio under the Witness Protection Program. The Thrill believes in giving everybody an equal opportunity to be represented on our “lustrous” blog, so without further ado, here’s your Beard of the Week (shot in silhouette with all personal details redacted in order to protect his/her identity):

[REDACTED]'s Beard of the Week

The Man/Woman: [REDACTED]

The Look: “The Intellectual Shagster”

Grow Time: Four months

Inspiration: Dr. Venture, Matisyahu, and Matthew Lillard as Shaggy

Beard of the Week: Geoff Rock

The closer we get to Reading Days, the slower time seems to crawl. Classes that are slated to be 50-minutes long seem to drag on for weeks. The lines in Peirce last for months. And to make things worse, all of my potential time-machine connections from Craigslist have proven to be totally bogus. While this isn’t ideal for folks who are itchin’ for their four-day-weekend festivities, it’s the perfect conditions for growing a beard! So once again, here’s your beard of the week:

Beard of the Week: Geoff Rock's "Distinguisher"

The Man: Geoff Rock ’13

The Look: “The Distinguisher”

Grow Time: A couple weeks

Inspiration: Ulysses S. Grant