We Got Written Up: A Play-by-Play

The author of this post, who is underage, asked to remain anonymous. Additionally, all names of parties involved were  removed for anonymity. We at The Thrill are human too, and we occasionally get ourselves into sticky situations. Here is the play-by-play account of one such staffer’s encounter with the law. 

No drinks for you! (via Kenyon.edu)

Background: Last week, nine of us were caught playing beer pong in a room on the First-Year Quad. The following is a to-the-minute summary of the meeting that follows a citation of the sort.

4:20 PM We gathered in the hall of our dorm, ready to march off and meet our fate.

4:24 PM Arrival in Gund Commons, we may have gotten lost trying to find where we needed to go. But hey, we are first-years and this was our first time.

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