Summer Listening II: Glen Echo – 1945 E.P. // Andrew Dunham – GoldBrick

Well, it’s been a good week for Kenyon music!  We’ve seen releases from Tristan Neviska, We Just Spoke, and now from two more power duos: Glen Echo (Alex Martin ’13 & Bennett Davidson ’12) and Andrew Dunham (Andrew Firestone ’14 & Win Dunham ’14).  The former just played a glorious CD release party in Tafts with Poor Remy, and the latter have been staying up late into the night with copious stockpiles of munchies polishing their collab – Firestone admits to not having gone to bed later than 6am once during finalas week.

You can read about, listen to, and freely download both releases after the jump.  Seriously, do it.  I can’t remember the last time so much badass student music surfaced all at once, so be sure to jump on this.

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