The Thrill Rates Energy Drinks

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Hello, my fellow caffeine fiends! The end of the year has finally arrived and I can see many late nights and early mornings in our collective future. Personally, I’m a big fan of brightly colored energy drinks for getting through the insane amounts of work that we all have. My high school friends and I have been compiling a list of the best and worst energy drinks since we were first years, and it is now time to publish what we have learned. Here, to aid your indecisiveness and desire for the best of the best, are our well-researched ratings of energy and coffee drinks available at Kenyon. And while you’re at the Market, why not buy some ramen and wine (lists coming later this week!) to go along with your caffeinated poison? Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Best Comments

Comment Wars are the new AllStu Wars (via Wikimedia Commons)

We at the Thrill work hard to produce quality content that our readers enjoy. Sometimes we knock it out of the park, other times not so much. The only way we can figure out what works and what doesn’t is via feedback. That being said, there are a lot of you who have the same level of sass running through your veins as we do (or at least we like to think so). Check out some of our favorites after the jump.

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