Photo courtesy of Janie Simonton '15

Photo courtesy of Janie Simonton ’15

Spencer: Seriously, who does this? I lost my bike my first year here (I’m still looking by the way, it’s a red Schwinn) and that was a huge pain. It’s not awesome explaining to your parents that you lost the bike they schlepped out to Gambier, Ohio. However, if I had to explain that to my parents that someone put my bike in a tree … I probably wouldn’t be able to. So here is a quick PSA, be nicer and don’t be a dick. It’s a small campus.

Sarah: Personally, I think this is HILARIOUS. Good pranking job! I hope whoever owns this bike deserved it, though. Remember folks, in a prank war, the best way to retaliate is through humor and surprise, not malice. I think a good prank takes probably as much time to execute as it does to deconstruct. So, bike in a tree: excellent! Glitter all over my room? NOT EXCELLENT (I am still angry that this happened to me).

Overheard At Kenyon, Vol. Something

They tell you not to post your incriminating conversations online, but did you know the dumb shit you say isn’t safe around campus either? The Thrill is always listening.  Below, you’ll find a selection of our favorites from the past few weeks — as always, if you spot one of your own contributions in here, copyright-infringement subpoenas can be sent to thekenyonthrill@gmail.com.

Flirtin’ Fiend in Wiggle Ground, shaking hips — “You want it!”

  • Unenthusiastic Guy, backing away — “I’m indifferent to it.”

Athletics/Diversity Enthusiast in LoGund — “So, the swim team won the NAACP championship?”

  • Surrounding friends, staring – *Silence*
  • Athletics/Diversity Enthusiast — “Shit. That’s not right, is it.” Continue reading

Apparently Bikes Grow On Walls


Best ad campaign yet. (via Facebook)

We are used to seeing some of the better ad campaigns for Kenyon, remember “Thumbs Up”?  This one however seems to have escaped us.  Are they implying that we have magic walls? Are the bikes free?  Has Kenyon seen a meme before?  So many questions, so little explanation.  Let’s see if the commenters can figure out what the message is here.

In Case You Missed It: There is Now More Bike Parking by the Library

So shiny. (David Hoyt for The Thrill)

During peak Olin hours (read: this Sunday) the bike racks on either side of the building can get mighty  full. Luckily, the benevolent deity known to us as Graham Gund has come to the rescue.

Last week, this shiny bay of bike racks appeared on the side of the library. You may recognize them from their debut performance at the KAC. Presumably, they are meant mostly for those students who have class in the Gund Gallery, but we doubt it will take long for Olinites to claim them as their own.