The Purinton Primer: The Ballad of Francisco

Actors are notoriously proud people. This isn’t criticism, simply fact. Once an actor is cast in a certain role, he’ll convince himself that it’s the most important one in the play.

Pictured: 12 leading roles.

This belief is never mean-spirited or a question of one actor being superior to another — the ensemble is the most important thing to an actor. It just naturally occurs. We become defensive of our roles, and our insistence that our role is most important is simply a manifestation of the confidence with which we approach our work. Continue reading

Dwyer ’12 to Play Hamlet in Three-Hour KCDC Production

We are well aware that Jack Dwyer is not a woman. We were just really into the skull in this one. (Wikimedia Commons)

Following an audition period even more filled with catty speculation than usual, Jack Dwyer ’12 has been cast in the title role for the Ben Viccellio-directed production of Hamlet, to be mounted next semester.

It’s no surprise, given Dwyer’s extensive theater experience here at Kenyon, but the cast list (printed in full below) also includes a number of first years making their Bolton debut — most notably Issa Polstein ’15 (whose introduction to the Ransom Notes concert last Friday was the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a while), who will be playing Horatio. The production also features Prof. Jonathan Tazewell as Hamlet’s father, Prof. Kevin Rich as the Gravedigger and Professor of Classics Emeritus Robert Bennett as Polonius.

Hamlet – Jack Dwyer
Horatio – Issa Polstein
King Claudius – Dan Rasch
Laertes – Doug Healy
Osric – Elliot Cromer
Fortinbras – Hector Marrero
Barnardo/Sailor/Lucianus/Attendant One – Edward Baxter
Francisco/Player King/Captain/Attendant Two – Miles Purinton
Voltemand/English Ambassador – Matt Super
Guildenstern/Fortinbras’ Soldier Three – Will Quam
1st Player/Priest/Attendant Three/Fortinbras’ Soldier Four – Kenny Fedorko
Ophelia – Rachel Sachnoff
Queen Gertrude – Sarah Macdonald
Rosencrantz – Ellie Shepley
Cornelia (formerly Cornelius)/Player Queen – Laura Barati
Marcella (formerly Marcellus)/Messenger – Caroline Black
2nd Player/Horatio’s Attendant – Patience Fairbrother
2nd Gravedigger – Caroline Lindy