We Watched Every Episode of Gilmore Girls This Weekend So You Didn’t Have To

This post was authored by Kate Lindsay ’15 and Maureen Hoff ’15. They are both tired and sad for different reasons. We’ll be continuing this Netflix binge-watching/live-blogging series with two more of the Thrill’s tired, sad staffers in the near future — leave your suggestions for our next show in the comments!

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Okay. I know the moment the clock turned October 1st and Gilmore Girls came on Netflix, you were all like “I know what I’m doing this weekend!” and then moments later were like “That’s impossible! I have so many parties to go to!”

You’re in luck, because we didn’t. While you were all out stashing your bashes, we were in Maureen’s New Apt doing the Lord’s work. And now we’re here to catch you up on what you missed.

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