The Thrill <3 Instagram


I’m back on the blog beat, but we’re marching to a new drummer. Having recently sold my soul, I am the proud owner of an iPhone 4 (Look, I’m the alpha female – I know Siri and I would just get in fights, anyway). Because of this recent technological leap (or setback, probably, since I used to have a Droid) I now have access to Instagram! Originally, I was against Instagram. I spent years studying photography, and now everyone can just pop some selective blur and a filter on their photos and hey wait okay this is kind of fun! Did you see how this looks with a border?? I have to post this and share it on my Twitter, too!

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can appreciate the iPhotography of your peers right here on the Thrill. Check ’em out after the jump.

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We See You, Other Kenyon Blog


We hear there’s a new admissions blog coming to campus. We thought we had a monopoly on “Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut,” but it looks like we’ll have some competition. You may photograph better than we do, but we think we’re up to the challenge. [Ed. – Full disclosure, that’s Thrill daily editor Kate Lindsay second from the left on the top row, making a finger gun. We’re prepared to engage in a battle for your mortal soul, Kate.]

Blogs on Blogs on Blogs: Abroad Edition

Thea Kohout ’14, coyly petting her new leopard friend.

Campus can seem pretty desolate when it hits you that some of your favorite people are currently gone, exploring the exciting world of study abroad. In order to fill the gaping hole that their absence creates, we bring you into their world, or at least show you a snapshot of them through their study-abroad blogs. Here is a list of some of the of the most enticing and electric blogs from first-semester study-abroad experiences.

1. Ally Schmaling ’14’s In the Land of Fire: If you have missed Ally’s radiant Facebook photos and general Owl Creek-esque beauty, then y’all should spend some time on her study-abroad Tumblr where you can explore her life in Cork, Ireland through the eye of her camera. The photos are so stunning and inviting that before you know it you have wasted a hour of designated study time getting lost in Cork. Continue reading

Blogs on Blogs on Blogs: Volume IV

Admittedly, the weather here in Ohio has been so damned gorgeous that I almost couldn’t be bothered to go indoors during the daytime to write this post. Thankfully I managed to work it out, and I’ve found more friends who have also been indoors blogging (shout out to those of my friends who are also addicted to the internet)!!! Follow me after the jump for links and pictures.

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