First-Year Expectations Vs. Reality: Sendoff


Ahh the joys and terrors of first Sendoff (via

Sendoff is undoubtedly the best party of the year. After a year of “getting used to” the Kenyon lifestyle, first-years still see the party as a mythic dream waiting to happen. Here is a narrative piece from two of our first-year writers on their first Sendoff experience.


First-Year 1:

  • Circle up Woodstock-esque with everyone as we braid each other’s hair
  • Constant tequila shots and frozen drinks
  • Everyone basking in the sun with flower crowns and bathing suits

First-Year 2:

  • A lot of the alcohol I would consume would not be mine
  • Going to class drunk would be a lot of fun
  • Sleigh Bells would be awesome

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