Cursed Things I Saw Over Break


During my stay at Kenyon over fall break, I saw… things. Terrifying things. Unimaginable things. Barely describable horrors, plaguing the campus, crawling to the surface once most of the College’s affluent students were tucked away safely in their New York City beds. Dare you peek into this Pandora’s Box of Kenyon horrors? You have been warned… what you see might SHOCK you… join me, as I reveal some of the cursed events I witnessed over break.

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An Open Letter to All Overeager Post-Break BFFs

Cut it out. (via


Dear Kenyon,

I know a decent number of you, and a decent number of you know me; I’m that self-obsessed chick who can’t seem to stop talking about farts. We’re familiar to an extent, right? Can we agree on that? Cool.

Now that we’ve established and defined our relationship, I’m going to give you some super friendly advice.

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How to Make Your Favorite Meals from Home in Peirce

Take control of your own destiny

Take control of your own destiny

Now that I’ve been back at Kenyon for a few weeks, there are some things that I’ve started to miss. No, I’m not talking about my high school friends, or my bedroom, or my family. I’m talking about something much more important: food. As soon as I get back to Kenyon after a break, I immediately start missing meals that my mom and dad make, my favorite restaurants, and products you can get in Idaho that you just can’t buy here. But who’s to say we can’t find a way to get those things here? I asked a couple students about the food they missed most, and, with a little bit of creativity, re-created them in Peirce! Continue reading

How Your Parents Have Replaced You

When we return home for Winter Break, we will be given glimpses of the new lives our parents have lead since us birds have flown the nest. To put it bluntly, we’re given closer glimpses of this/these new thing(s) our parents have replaced us with.

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