Acknowledging The Lost Generation: half the student body has never experienced the deli

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 8.25.26 PMNever has the deli man’s voice graced their ears. Never has the overwhelming stench lingered on their jean jacket. Never has their phone lit up the 2:00 am darkness of their dorm room with a text that reads, “deli tomorrow?”.

Half of the student body currently on Kenyon’s campus has never lived in a Kenyon world that included the deli. This is The Lost Generation. Continue reading

Made in Peirce: the Perfect Pancake Breakfast

Photo by Jenny Ruyman '15

Photo by Jenny Ruyman ’15

Sunday brunch is one of the best Peirce times for people watching and also for pancake eating. This past weekend, I spotted Alivia Bloch ’15 digging into a pile of the most delicious looking yogurt covered pancakes ever. I asked Bloch, and her accomplice Jenny Ruyman ’15, to share the recipe with me and the rest of Kenyon. Pictures and instructions after the jump.

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