The Buddy System: Crozier’s Got Your Back!


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Hey, Kenyon! In light of recent events, a lot of students have expressed feelings of fear and discomfort traveling into Mount Vernon/the Knox County area alone, as well as walking around campus at night. Crozier got wind of this and has decided to set up a Buddy System! Their goal is to ensure the safety and comfort of anyone who might feel uncomfortable going places by themselves. In other words, they’re going to make sure we all have someone to swim with if need be! Thanks, Crozier!

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Queer 101: Going Abroad

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So, admittedly, I am not the expert on study abroad, as I am a lowly sophomore desperately trying to navigate the world of OCS (Off-Campus Study). But since I’m going through the process now, there are a lot of things regarding study abroad that I’m thinking about. “Do I want to do it? If yes, where do I want to go?” are the two biggest questions, but also followed up by “where am I going to have fun AND be safe?” Continue reading

Halloween Words of Advice

Don’t lose control and end up like this.

This post was authored by Kenyon’s Beer and Sex facilitators.

Halloween is always a lot of fun, whether you’re drunk, sober, or otherwise. Far be it from us to tell you how you should, or shouldn’t, spend your free time. Some people like to drink, some prefer to sit back and watch a movie, others choose something in the middle. We approve of all three so long as they’re done safely. Just remember that you can’t have fun if you’re puking in the Old Kenyon bathroom and you probably won’t enjoy Sunday if you blacked-out on Saturday. (If you do wake up on Sunday feeling pretty awful, head right to Peirce and eat something greasy. It’ll help, we promise.)

Tried-and-tested methods to keep things under control:

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