My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story

Our younger selves were both profound and innovative, and this feature is dedicated to highlighting those brilliant minds and memories.

Happy holiday from young Zoe Smith '15.

Happy holiday from young Zoe Smith ’15.

We are headed into finals week, and it is time. It’s crunch time, it’s nap time, and it’s high time that I actually got all of that work done. As the French-Canadian pop quintet Simple Plan once crooned, “I’m just a kid, and life is a nightmare/I’m just a kid, I know that it’s not fair.” Unfortunately, as most of us here are 18 and older, the “I’m just a kid” excuse doesn’t exactly apply anymore. You can, however, derive some quiet joy during finals time by reading through some of the younger writing of Kenyon students, and taking a moment to reflect on simpler times:

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Kenyon’s Secret Zoo: An Interview with Student Pet Owners


Cecil the rat.

How do you gain temporary celebrity status on a college campus? Animals. Find one, walk one, ride one, become one. Whatever. Animals are synonymous with instant popularity. If you don’t have that feline feelin’ and aren’t ready to make the conversion to a stray cat, fear not. Whether you’re seeking stardom or simply going through fuzzy-wuzzy withdrawal, having a clandestine dorm pet seems to do the job. We talked to a few students to get a glimpse of life with a four-legged roommate.

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10 o’clock list: Upworthy Posts That Didn’t Make It to Your Newsfeed

upworthy pic

We’ve all seen them. You’ll never believe what this kangaroo pulled out of her pouch. Watch this child deliver a spiritual revelation that will literally blow your panties off. The embarrassingly easy thing you could do to gain 100 IQ points. Yeah. Ok. No. I DON’T NEED YOUR SHIT UPWORTHY. Maybe I look at Facebook because I want to be depressed, not inspired. Whatever. Despite this, we’re here with a few Upworthy posts that probably didn’t quite make it to your newsfeed. The inspiration is tangible.

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