Domino’s Knows I Need A Ride: The Final Time


I did not ride in this fancy car, it was probably a Prius or something, I don’t know for sure.

And we’re back, folks. This is the last time (I promise) that I will tell this story, the story of my travels as a weary first year from South Campus to the lovely Lewis or Norton parking lot.

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Ghostbusters: The Ghost of Bushnell


We’ve all heard the ghost stories by now. Ghosts at Kenyon are so renowned that they have their own folder in the Archives. Of course there are the classic stories: the aggressive Caples ghost who calls campus safety in the summer, the face looking out of the DKE bullseye window, or the footless victims of the Old Kenyon fire of 1949. In the ghost file, Heather S. Frost writes an in depth essay about these ghosts in almost every building on campus, but nowhere does she mention Bushnell. Located on the South Quad, Bushnell often was considered one of the safe, “ghost-free” buildings on campus. That is, until now. Continue reading