Peirce Hacks: Face Masks

IMG_7995We, Jane Lindstrom and Ellie Melick, are many things. But most of all, we are beauty influencers. We’re  always on the hunt for the Next Big Serum to fix our acne* and our lives. Did we find what we were looking for in Pierce? Keep reading, and decide for yourself.

*Jane wants to point out that she doesn’t get acne but SOME of us do, okay?

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Bone Up: DIY Hookup Kit


Hooking up is a lot like getting struck by lightning: you never know when it’s going to happen, and when it does, you usually wake up completely nude, drenched in sweat, and in a totally unfamiliar place. So why not be prepared the next time the opportunity strikes by compiling your very own on-the-go hookup kit? Continue reading