What Kenyon Thrill Editor Are You? The Answer May Shock You

Here’s the thing guys, we’re not Buzzfeed. We’re different, we offer different perspectives and only really appeal to a very specific audience of people.

However, today we ARE Buzzfeed because it’s QUIZ TIME and I made the quiz literally on Buzzfeed.

CLICK HERE to take a quiz and find out what Kenyon Thrill Editor Are You? Comment below and tell us who you got! Also you’re not allowed to tell us we’re unoriginal until you’ve taken it. Those are the rules.

Happy Quizzing!

Super-Fun Quiz Time: What’s Yr *~*~Sendoff~*~* Persona?

Get at us, Sleighbells (via WoodstockProject.com)

Get at us, Sleigh Bells (via WoodstockProject.com)

It’s that time of year again, and I know the question that’s on all of your minds — who am I going to be this Sendoff? Well, worry no more, because the luminaries over at Buzzfeed have inspired us to put together our very own lil’ quiz to put your minds at ease before the blessed event. (Actually, if this quiz were truly Buzzfeed-inspired, it would be called “How Sendoff Are You?” and feature a deluge of Toddlers & Tiaras .gif’s/photosets of dogs wearing sunglasses and swimming in kiddie pools. Which, don’t get me wrong, is fucking hilarious. Anyway. Sendoff.)

 1. What’s your go-to Sendoff accessory of choice?

  • A — An entire 30-rack. To start with. SENDOFF 2k14 WOOOOO LEGGOOOOOOOO.
  • B — An intricately braided flower crown that I ordered off Etsy but tell everyone I hand-crafted.
  • C — My carefully curated stack of Sendoff polaroids from the last three years OH GOD WHY IS IT ALL ENDING, IT’S TOO SOON, WHY, GOD, WHY?
  • D — A case full of bottled water, a headache and a disapproving frown.
  • E — That light looks really bright. Is it pulsing? Am I pulsing? I’m gonna go touch it really quick. I may or may not be back.

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Hey, The Swim Team Made Buzzfeed!

Kenyon College Swimming / Via youtube.com, Buzzfeed

Kenyon College Swimming / Via youtube.com, Buzzfeed

Check out this Buzzfeed post titled “26 Unforgettable Struggles Of Being A Swimmer” — you’ll see some familiar purple-and-white flags and Speedo-clad bods at #12. Yes, a GIF of a Kenyon Lords swimmer accompanies the entry “Going for a big start and bellyflopping” — whatever, sorry we like to work hard and play hard.

Paul Newman in Drag on Buzzfeed

Image via Buzzfeed via Kenyon College Special Collections

Paul Newman, America’s favorite cookie, is featured in drag at Kenyon on Buzzfeed.  Some thoughts: Kenyon was better when it was an all boys school. Newman’s sparkly blue eyes do not shine quite as brightly under a bonnet. Let the Peeps have Deb Ball.

Also, here is a nice Internet piece from the Hairpin on Hollywood gossip and Paul Newman.

Buzzfeed Love Kenyon

Source: Buzzfeed

Not the most flattering angle of our dear SMather, but it will do.

Once again, Buzzfeed featured Kenyon in a list about college life. Indirectly, Kenyon is the star of Buzzfeed’s 31 Sure Signs You Went To A Liberal Arts College. Besides the fact that almost all of the points apply to the average Kenyon student (#31 is hard to swallow), Samuel Mather Hall is pictured in number 10 for “You picked your school in part because it reminded you of Hogwarts.” Suck it UChicago!  Adding to Kenyon’s liberal-arti-ness, the source of the photo is a class project on “The Women’s Coordinate College at Kenyon,” which was apparently a thing. Well played, Buzzfeed.

Your Sunday Study Break, Courtesy of Buzzfeed and “Arrested Development”

"Look, I know you got a crocodile in spelling, but..."

“Look, I know you got a crocodile in spelling, but…”

You need a break. Look at you. You’re disgusting. You haven’t left Olin all weekend and there’s coffee all over your shirt and the various strands of your unwashed hair are forming to create one massive, greasy chunk of super-hair that cannot be pried apart by sheer human will.

On that note, here’s a Buzzfeed article that tells you “How to Get Instantly Alerted The Second “Arrested Development” Shows Up on Netflix” — just text “ANN” to 619-EGG-VEAL. If you’re as passionate as we at the Thrill are about Arrested Development, this should bring some joy to your finals-ravaged heart. Now, for the love of God, close your notebook and go re-watch Season 2 of AD on Netflix.

Breaking(ish) News: Kenyon is an Academic School That Kind of Likes to Party


Buzzfeed came out with an article this morning entitled The Smartest Party Schools in The Country. They made a graph based on least to most party friendly and least to most academic. We are in the bottomish right corner of the graph, sharing space with schools like USC and Harvey Mudd College who are also extremely academic and slightly party friendly. Notable academic and party friendly schools are NYU, UCSB, Penn State, and Tulane. Obviously the message that we are supposed to glean from this article is that graphs can be interesting and we could step up our partying game a bit.