Kenyon Siblings: The Benzes

College is a stage of our lives where we are often removed from our families for the first time, but this is not always so. Many of us have siblings here, or at other schools, with whom we share very close bonds, experiences, academic interests and even professors. This piece is the second in a series of featured siblings at Kenyon. This week we interviewed Cole Benz ’15 and Charlotte Benz ’17 from San Francisco, California.


Charlotte and Cole in San Francisco (their home!) looking really freaking cute. Cole’s the beardy one.

A few things you didn’t know about the Benz Kidz…

Charlotte, why did you choose Kenyon?

Charlotte: I was deciding between two schools and I did weekend visits for both. Kenyon was on the second weekend and I came for Shock Your Mom. I went with my brother and his friends dressed up as Juggalos and Juggalets. And we have one mother and I think we shocked her together. And I think that really solidified things for me.

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The Monday Catchup


Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: NBA Center Jason Collins, who came out to Sports Illustrated last April, will become the first openly gay player in the “big four” American sports (or at least the first to be accepted by the press). Collins signed a 10-day contract with the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday. His performance during this period will likely decide whether the Nets (or another team) sign him to a longer contract.

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10 o’clock list: Things People Are Totally Doing This Summer

An accurate new cover for Infinite Jest

The end of the academic year is upon us, and, much like at the end of the calendar year, many Kenyonites are making resolutions to totally do stuff this summer. You know, just, like, living up the summer, making the most of it, man. Because you only get so many summers before you don’t get a break anymore, and the only thing you’ll totally be doing is getting those TPS Reports to Lumbergh (Just kidding, we all know Kenyon students don’t get desk jobs. Talk around the water cooler doesn’t focus on the merits of Tocqueville in today’s American landscape). Anyway, these are some things that’ll totally be done by your classmates while you’re sitting at home watching the new Arrested Development episodes.

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