10 o’clock list: Similarities Between Kamp Kenyon and Summer Camp

As we once again return to the Hill for another year filled with life, love, learning and lorp, one of the most common struggles a student faces is re-acclimatizing to both the community and schedule that is in place here at Kenyon. For many, it is a rude awakening: for those who did not have summer jobs or internships, the prospect of having to be mentally and physically present anywhere before 11:00 AM other than your family home’s rec room where you passed out last night on the couch after eating three plates of nachos while watching Nick @ Nite until it was light out is a cruel absurdity.

Luckily for me, I spent my summer working at an sleepaway, coed, ages 8-15 summer camp for 10 weeks, and therefore have made an oddly seamless transition into life back at Kenyon, for what I learned over the summer is that is that being a counselor at camp and being a student at Kenyon are actually eerily related experiences. So for those of you who never had the pleasure of experiencing it, I have boiled down the essential highlights of camp life to show you how similar to college it really is. Enjoy, and don’t forget your movement clothes.

1. Communal living – If you think privacy is a luxury in dorm life, imagine having to share a 10 x 10 wooden hut with a literal horde of children, whose only true pleasure in life seems to be that of sitting on your bed and rubbing their sandy feet into your pillow. Now living in a New Apt single, I find myself almost missing the feeling of ten pairs of eleven-year-old eyes, staring at me and asking me endless questions as I gracefully try to peel myself out of a wet one-piece bathing suit. At least I still get to share a bathroom! Continue reading