Fresh Bread on Campus

Fresh Bread on Campus

Fresh from an NCA kitchen, senior Charlotte Benz is baking her own bread — and it could be yours! After studying abroad in Copenhagen last semester, Charlotte was inspired by her host mother who baked at least twice a week. She loved it while she was there and has adopted the practice here at school.

The bread Charlotte is making is influenced by Danish sourdough. It is a rustic, crusty loaf, as you can see in this picture.


She charges $9 a boule, $5 a half boule and sells rolls (plain & raisin) for $1.50 a piece or 3 for $4.

You can find her next to the bookstore this Sunday selling a selection of breads and homemade scones from around 10:30-12:30pm! Don’t miss it.

How to Pronounce: “Peircegiving”

As stated so succinctly in Chef Meagan’s 2014 Peircegiving address: “what a sexy sight ;)” (via

You already know what it is! But in case you don’t, Peircegiving is the highly anticipated, annual autumnal feast that will be taking place in Peirce Dining Hall this Wednesday (tomorrow!) from 5-8 PM. Grab some friends, grab a table, and grab stock of your year so far and really think about what and who you’re thankful for as you funnel hot gravy and chilled cranberry sauce down your throat like a goose being forcefed corn in order to fatten its liver for foie gras!
(Ed. Note: that image is really sad and graphic and that type of farming is rly messed up, sorry about that, this Peircegiving i am thankful for ethical agriculture, ty and have a good break every1).

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Getting Familiar with the GOOD Kind of Mad Cow

If you haven’t already heard The Best News Ever, Kenyon has a new, sustainable late-night food service that specializes in grilled cheese and grilled chocolate sandwiches (??!??!). We’ve reached out to the students behind the project, Lucy Adams ’16, Cathy Mayer ’16, and Michael Buse ’16 to fill us in on the details of the project.
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