Installation art expected to confuse prospies

A Moveable Map of Kenyon

A Moveable Map of Kenyon

“Oh no, I lost my host, what do I do?! Okay, don’t panic, here’s a map! I know he lives in Mather, so let’s see, I just cut through the science quad, turn left at Middle Ground, walk by the KAC, and I’m there!”

Which is The Thrill’s way of saying welcome to the massive horde of visiting students coming this weekend. Don’t be too foolish, prospies.

Beloved sculpture moved to where pesky students can’t hurt it

Wondering what happened to the “Renaissance Man and Woman” that used to be in front of Cromwell? Well, it’s temporarily been unceremoniously tossed behind Storer, near the cemetery.

But have no fear! An article on Kenyon Today, Kenyon’s “brand-new web-based employee site,” reports that the statue “will be relocated to a site to the left of the Bolton Theater, where it will take up residence in a lovely garden setting.”

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