Seniors Reminisce: Cam’ron

Seniors Reminisce: Cam’ron

Do you know that kind of Friday night; it’s cold outside, nothing (nothing) is happening, and everyone somehow ends up at the only thing that’s going on. So for the fall concert, Cam’ron (of Hey Ma fame) was set to perform at the famed Fall Concert at the Horn Gallery. So you can imagine, it’s a pretty small venue— and when Kenyon students hear of a minor-celebrity-mostly-of-note-from-the-mid-to-late-2000s—THEY COME. So almost everyone gets to the Horn at like 9:30, I didn’t get there until about 9:45. And I am not exaggerating when I say this, there were at least 200 people not even inside the Horn. Mind you it’s…uh… 30 degrees outside. We are deep in the throes of November. People are shoving and pushing. No one is even allowed inside yet, people are banging on the doors. Infrastructure was at a seriously vulnerable moment.

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Cam’ron Broke The Horn

Horn Leader Rebecca Saltzman' 15 with what is left of the Horn door

Horn Leader Rebecca Saltzman’ 15 with what is left of The Horn door. Photo credit: Charlie Collison’ 15

It will be news to only those living under the Beta rock or seriously hibernating in the library basement that Kenyon was visited by the illustrious Cam’ron this past weekend. Killa Cam was slated to perform at The Horn at 9:00pm. No opener…because, well, he probably just didn’t want one. I am fairly certain that every Kenyon student– past, present, and future were gathered outside of The Horn anxiously and pretty vocally awaiting any news of Cam’ron. Continue reading

The Great Cam’Ron Shutdown Poll


Well, Cam’ron is playing at Kenyon in approx. 15 minutes, against all odds. Yeah, Jay-Z’s former rival is performing in Kenyon’s own Horn Gallery, in what may well be Cam’ron’s first “rural music barn” performance, and we predict Kenyon fans will flood the place pretty quick. Even our roughly 1,700 enrollment might prove to be too much — insert your D.I.Y. Purple Haze joke here.

Weigh in, friends — How long can this beautiful miracle last until Campus Safety shows up?

  • Start time: 9:30-ish
  • End Time
  • A) 9:45
  • B) 10:01
  • C: 10:13

Leave your predictions in the comments, and get ready for Opera Steve.

UPDATE — As of 9:59 pm, there have been reported Killa Cam sightings, reported Safety shutdowns and everyone’s standing outside the  Horn, smoking and plotting.

UPDATE — 10:00 pm — Some guy just said “He’s here.”

UPDATE — 10:02 pm — He’s not here.

UPDATE — 10:12 pm — It’s cold out here.

UPDATE — 12:17 am — Cam’ron performed at roughly 10:35 pm. It was cool.

“Cam’ron’s Riders”; Alternatively, “Grackle’s Big Mistake”

Damnit, Google, always showin' me up.

Damnit, Google, always showin’ me up.

Awright awright awright. First things first, I love words. I love learning new words, using weird words, listening to Bo Burnham’s “Words, Words, Words” … you get the picture. So a few days ago, when I checked The Thrill‘s list of posts going up this week, I was confused to see a word I didn’t expect in a post that didn’t make sense. According to my fellow editors, I was to write a post on “Cam’ron’s List of Riders”.

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