Do It Tonight: Midnight Breakfast

Finals week in a nutshell.

Midnight Breakfast: the only cure for finals week. 

Let me paint you a picture.

The time? 9:47 pm, the Sunday before finals. The place? That dark, oppressive little cubicle in the corner of third floor Olin. You’ve had a long day and you have an even longer week ahead of you. You can feel your hunger starting to flare up (you ate dinner at 5:30 today so you could keep working uninterrupted through the evening, it was a good idea at the time). The difficult truth is that you’re getting peckish again and you can’t afford another trip to the market for snacks because you have to save your last dollars for those loads of laundry before moving out. The solution? Midnight breakfast.

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Cups for Candy

Cups for candy!

Cups for candy!

This piece was written by Phoebe Roe ’16.

You know the feeling.  You saunter into Peirce, ready for a good old cup o’ water, stroll into the servery and stop dead in your tracks…no cups.  You are struck with fear as you realize that you’re going to have to use a paper cup and, as you approach the mile high stack of cardboard, your brain flashes with images of dead trees and collapsing ecosystems.  Alas, your water break is ruined.

No doubt about it, Peirce cups have been disappearing left and right this year and I have some statistics to prove it:

  • at the start of the school year we had 1400 cups
  • by Spring Break we were down to 210 cups
  • cups cost ~ $1 per cup which means we lost about $1,190 in cups!  

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Politely Unsubscribe from Dis-Lists

Ah, fall semester, who could have guessed there'd be so many terrible consequences?

Ah, fall semester, so many bad decisions, so many regrets.

The beginning of the year was like the beginning of a party, and as you entered the activities fair every club seemed just as promising as every human looks at an Old Kenyon Party. Full “beer-goggles” on, you put your name down for everything. Ducks for the Republicans? Sign me up. Or were you fooled by the condoms and candy the Health Center was giving out? In your excitement to sign up for the Kenyon DJs, did you also not realize your rambunctious friend was also signing you up for Paws against Humanity? Well, regardless you now have more emails in your box than D-Cat himself, and although it’s just February it’s time for some spring-cleaning.

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The Perfect Candy for your Major

Even the squirrels at Kenyon are getting excited for Halloween candy.

Even the Kenyon squirrels are getting excited for Halloween candy.

In the spirit of Halloween, I was imagining what candy would appeal to certain majors. I mean, everyone loves chocolate, but for a history major, the historical significance makes each delicious bite take on whole new levels of joy. So for those of you worried about your candy of choice for the coming holiday, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Math majors love to count things, and M&Ms are the easiest candy to categorize by color or type. Each M&M seems to taste the same and is predictable on the inside, but on the outside has a wide variety of colors. The only difficulty here is that M&Ms are tempting and the subtraction of one M&M could set off an entire problem. Suggestion: invest in infinite bags of M&Ms to ensure that the limit does not exist for the evening. Continue reading