The Monday Catchup

photo.jpgEvery time I recall this story, I can’t sleep for at least two days after. Imagine our mother, Kenyon College, washed in warm light. The trees lining middle path are shaggy green. The student body has gone to summer in upstate New York or somewhere on the coast of Massachusetts or got an internship like a reasonable person. It’s the summer of 1995. Gambier is sleepy, but one building is full of activity.

Caples has been checked and locked down for the night, but lights and showers have been unexpectedly coming on throughout the day despite the vacancy of the building. At 5 a.m. safety officer Dan Turner recieved a call from switchboard operator, Jolynn Bryant. Three phone calls from Caples had come in rapid succession from rooms 511, 611, and 711. Each time she heard a woman scream and hang up. The sound was not mechanical but decidedly human. Safety officers arrived on the scene and another call came in from room 811. This time the voice on the other line did not scream. Instead, it breathed heavily, wimpered, and choked out the phrase “How was your weekend?”

It’s the Monday Catchup.

“I saw a baby llama taken from its mother and then returned.”

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Untold Kenyon Ghost Stories: The Other Caples Ghost



Of Kenyon’s many ghosts, the most notorious is probably the aggressive boyfriend that lives in Caples Residence Hall. He’s known for bothering residents by moving furniture around and wreaking occasional havoc. Campus Safety especially is not a fan of this guy. His bad reputation isn’t entirely underserved, this kid has been documented doing some spooky shit, especially to female residents.

We’ve all heard of him. Some of us (me) are terrified of him, others have learned to live in harmony with him and his antics. He’s a staple on this campus, but true Ghost Aficionados know that there’s actually a second ghost that hangs around Caples, one that will put all of your Timothy Shutt ghost tour induced nightmares at bay. His name is Mr. Caples, and he matters too. Continue reading

The Caples Ghost: Should He Be Kenyon’s Next President?


This is the fourth installment in a five-part series. Every night through Thursday, we’ll bring you a new candidate to be Kenyon’s next president. On Friday morning, we’ll open a poll so you can vote for your favorite. The Thrill will then convey the results of that poll to the Presidential Search Committee, which will hold a public meeting on Friday evening.

If we wanted a president of whom the very idea could paralyze a first year’s heart, then we need look no further. The Caples Ghost is the talk of every ghost tour, and the main reason Caples wasn’t even a blip on my radar when the housing lottery came around. As president, he’d be very elusive, only making himself known through empty, steamy showers and stalking unsuspecting residents in their dreams to ensure they never forgot who was in charge. While his physical presence on campus would be slim to none, the relationship between us and Campus Safety would be superb.

Public Service Announcement: A Guide to Kenyon Telephones

This is one call you don't want to answer. (

Friends, we are now so fully enmeshed in the world of texting that we barely remember how to use our iPhones to make phone calls, let alone how to use a … landline. My eyes opened to this the other day, when a friend of mine expressed confusion about an RSVP number on a College invitation. “x5491? How do I call x5491?”* For those of you who don’t know, all Kenyon phone numbers begin with (740) 427-, and the x**** represents the last four of the number. When calling from a campus phone, simply dial the four-digit extension; when dialing from an off campus or cell phone, dial those four digits preceded by, again, (740) 427-.

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