Of Mice and Immortality


This post was guest authored by Ashley Zillian ’18.

To preface this: I have a nasty habit of attracting animals into my room. I’m effectively the opposite of a Disney princess, because none of them are helpful and I hate them. (However, if any nearby squirrels are inclined to help me study for midterms, I will recant that statement.) My freshman year on second floor Lewis involved more bugs than I can count, including a house centipede that performed a little jig on my laptop screen once in the dead of night.

While I was using it.

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Of Mice and Cactus


Honestly I googled “mouse with cactus” and I cannot believe this exists.

Last Semester, I had the wonderful privilege of not only living on first floor Caples, but also to have an unwanted mouse as a part of my living space. There was nothing more refreshing and exciting than trying to go to sleep at midnight and hearing the tiny scratches of little disease ridden mouse feet. Also it ate my four dollar bag of unopened Milano cookies which I don’t even let my friends eat. I was very sad.

After Christmas, I thought I got away from it. There was no way this mouse had made it through the cold weather, and Caples was unheated over break. I figured it had died.

But boy was I wrong.

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Overheard at Kenyon: Back 2 Skewl

He’s always listening. (via Diverse Education)

Welcome back, y’all. This past week has been filled with questions, comments, concerns, and more – here are some tidbits we’ve found along the way:

  • Freshman Talking About Her Sophomore Housing, Probably: “Which one is Caples again?
  • Sophomore, Ready to Get Back In the Groove: “I don’t have any homework, so I guess that means I can start drinking early.” Continue reading

Kenyon Kribs: Caples


Home brutalist home. via mentalfloss.com

Ah, Caples. It’s “anywhere but Mather,”  “thank God it’s not New Apts,” and “maybe next year I can get an NCA;” the tallest building in Knox County, and home to about 200 students. That’s right: Caples is the Ultimate Kenyon Krib.

Amenities include:

Several super comfy lounges!


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