Vandalism is Vandalism, No Matter How You Brand It



…Upon stepping through the shower’s frosted glass door, her mouth opened in shock. On the wall, three words were written in what appeared to blood. “Help. You’re next,” they read. Excess fluid dripped down the cold tile and found its way into the drain. Who had done this? What could this mean?

Unfortunately for you, this is not an excerpt from my upcoming horror novel: This is a description of an otherwise ordinary Tuesday night. I reported the incident to my CA, showered in the men’s bathroom and went to bed angry.

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On Topic, Off Topic: Respect, Caples

On Topic: Respect – Almost all students, if not everyone, has been talking about the recent incidents on campus surrouding Take Back the Night, Crozier, YikYak, and cases of general lack of respect for each other. Two related campaigns kicked off yesterday in an effort to hold students to a standard of respect. The first is the Statement of Respect where students “pledge to say only what we would be proud to put our names on.” Anybody who wants to sign may do so here.

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Things That Should Be Painted On The Caples Elevator


Yesterday we told you about the opportunity being presented by the Housing and Dining Community to help repaint the Caples elevator after it was unfortunately whitewashed over the summer. This got me thinking about some of the things I would paint on the elevator if I got the chance (and didn’t have the painting skills of a toddler).

D-Cat’s Face Nothing inspires awe like a larger-than-life visage of the head of our school. I’m think a little less Shepard Fariey’s Obama “Hope” poster, and more zoomorphic. Literally make D-Cat a cat. Perhaps even cross him with Kenyon alum Bill Watterson’s famous feline, Hobbes. Which brings me to my next suggestion:

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Lady in the Street… but a Creek in the Bed: Ghost Edition

We know you’ve always dreamed of being featured on a Thrill sex column – Remember to send all of your sexual questions, hopes, and dreams to or in the comments below, and we will work our hardest to get them answered for you.



Never has a play on “Freak in the bed” been more topical–because things have been getting crazy freaky here. And if you’ve been paying attention to anything at all, you know I’m talking about ghosts. I’ve talked about them before, and I probably will again. But they’re most important now, as in the past month, people have reported a myriad of experiences with ghosts, most specifically interactions with the fella who haunts Caples, searching for a lady to smooch. Maybe you’re into it. Maybe you’re not. Advice on ghost snuggles after the jump.

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