Do It Tonight: TBTN Carnival


The Light Up the Night Carnival taking place on Ransom Lawn in front of Peirce will finish Take Back the Night Week, ending the week’s events and discussions covering sexual assault, harassment and safety on college campuses.  This annual event allows the school to come down from the seriousness of the various panels and groups and have some safe fun.  There will be food, drinks, plenty of games, and more than a few prizes to win.

What: Light Up the Night Carnival

Where: New Side, Peirce Hall

When: 7:30-9:30 P.M.

Why: For self-care, games, friends and food!

Do it tonight: Take Back the Night Carnival


By now I’m sure you’ve seen the various Take Back The Night promotional materials scattered around campus. Tonight, the week of activities continues with the Light Up The Night Carnival on Ransom Lawn. This program aims to raise awareness for incidents of sexual assault, especially on college campuses. After a week of numerous discussions and panels, the carnival will provide a little more light-hearted fair. There will be food, music, games, and Social Board is sponsoring a showing of Space Jam after the carnival. Come on out tonight for a night of safe fun that helps raise awareness of this important issue.  Continue reading