Ganter Goblins: A Journey in Self Discovery


This article was guest written by Hannah Farr ’19. Wanna write a guest piece? Email us at (We got it to work! Thanks Student Engagement!) 

I’m still hazy on the exact origins of “Ganter goblin,” but like all great and terrible things, it started with a joke.

I think it went like this: sometime last spring, some friends and I were discussing the relative merits of crashing that weekend’s Old K all-campus at 10 pm sharp. The plan would be to roll up, gorge ourselves on the sweet, sweet mediocrity that is Little Caesar’s pepperoni pizza and watered-down Natty Lite, and promptly ollie outta there.

In the following conversation spent riffing on that concept, someone made a brilliant and awful suggestion: wouldn’t it be funnier to just stay? We all laughed, not knowing the truly insidious nature of the seed that had just been sowed.

“Yeah! Like, what if we just hung around until the party closed like crazed little goblins?” Someone said, giggling at the absurdity of it.

What if, indeed. Continue reading