10 o’clock list: Better Places to Study than the Adirondack Chairs


i can’t add a new photo to the site, so enjoy this excellent sleeping/sitting position 

Now that spring has finally sprung, I know all of you are dying to score a seat in one of the coveted Adirondack chairs, studying for your Stats exam while the breeze flips your pages and D-Cat and his D-dog patrol middle path for friendly ghosts. However, due to a shortage of chairs, it gets hard to live out the Ultimate College Experience of discussing Marx while relaxing on wooden slats. Here are some study spaces that are just as good, if not better. Continue reading

Actually, You Can’t Take that Chair, You Ignorant Swine


via GUND partnership

Hey. Hey you. Did I say you could drag away that chair?

Oh. I’m eating Coco Roos by myself and reading the Times so you just assumed that nobody was using that chair? So you just dragged it away, like that? How presumptuous. I thought I came to a small liberal arts college to avoid ass-hats like you. Continue reading