We Stayed in the Library for Three Hours Past Closing and Here’s What Happened


There’s absolutely nothing more fun than being somewhere you’re not supposed to be. I mean it, absolutely nothing: theme parks—overrated; getting whacked out on that sweet devil’s lettuce—doesn’t compare; playing catch in the front yard with your dad, and even though you’ve never really had the best hand-eye coordination and you didn’t realize you needed glasses until the eighth grade, he’s still trying his absolute best, because you’re his son and he loves you so much—not even close to how good it feels to loiter in a space that someone doesn’t want you to be in. Continue reading

Oh the Places You’ll Go: Rolly Chair Adventures in Chalmers

Spin away from yr responsibilities (via reddit)

Spin away from yr responsibilities (via reddit)

Ask anyone what their favorite part of Olin is and they’ll immediately profess their love for the rolly chairs in Chalmers – you know the ones, they’re all around the circle tables and line the perimeter of the rectangular work stations. When you sit in a rolly chair, all of your troubles melt away. You’re acutely aware of the homework you still have to do, but somehow it feels a lot more manageable when you know your scoots into and away from your table will be smooth as butter.

Here are some things you can do on rolly chairs to make your life in Olin a little more manageable: Continue reading

The Thrill Remembers Carl Djerassi

Djerassi in the Reveille

Djerassi in the Reveille.


After the death of “the father of the pill,” Carl Djerassi ’43 we decided to look in the Greenslade Special Collections and Archives to properly honor the man who gave us oral contraceptives and antihistamines. Pictured above is Djerassi’s picture in the ’43 Reveille. Listed among his activities is his membership in the Pre-Med club and the Speech Club. Read more about Djerassi after the break!

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Kenyon Graffiti: Chalmers Edition

As I sit in the library, contemplating whether I should keep “doing my work” or go home and “clean my room for my parents”, I have decided to do neither of those things, and contribute a second volume to the Kenyon Graffiti feature here at the Thrill. It’s midterms time, but it’s also Saturday, so this is my happy send off to the study carrel scribbles, at least for the afternoon.

If I discovered anything, it’s that when we’re not posting on the internet, we just post on the walls. We say some wise things:

Study Carrel Scribbles 1

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