Kenyon Graffiti: Chalmers Edition

As I sit in the library, contemplating whether I should keep “doing my work” or go home and “clean my room for my parents”, I have decided to do neither of those things, and contribute a second volume to the Kenyon Graffiti feature here at the Thrill. It’s midterms time, but it’s also Saturday, so this is my happy send off to the study carrel scribbles, at least for the afternoon.

If I discovered anything, it’s that when we’re not posting on the internet, we just post on the walls. We say some wise things:

Study Carrel Scribbles 1

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Kenyon Mythbusters–The Automated Library Shelves


It was a little like this

On the first floor of Chalmers Library all the way in the back, exists a set of automated shelves. To save space these shelves can move together and apart. They house old, little used books, as well as journals and other constantly updating publications. These shelves are mechanized and move back and forth with the push of a button. Yes, sounds a little dangerous doesn’t it, the possibilities for crushing enemies seem too great. But I had always heard that there existed a sensor system to prevent crushing. So I decided to check it out.

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Kenyon Explorer: Places that may be Portals to Another Realm

Dodododododododododo via blogspot

If you’ve been exploring with me up to this point, you already know that Kenyon can be a scary place. As it turns out, Kenyon is creepy place and may also take you to Narnia. Or another universe entirely.

The logical first stop is the Gates of Hell, but your intrepid explorer has, as always, dug deeper. My exploration began in the library, quietly shuffling among the study carrels to find…. Continue reading

ALERT: Bat on the Third Floor of the Library

The ferocious bat wreaking havoc in Chalmers.

When four typically noisy first years stumbled into the third floor Chalmers periodicals section, screaming bloody murder, I chose to ignore them. But then I saw it — a swooping Dracula incarnate! With fangs! Flapping its vicious bat wings all over our copies of Time and Newsweek magazines! VAMPIRE BAT ALERT!

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