The Monday Catchup


Here I am writing this post right now. Nice to see you again!!!

What can I say about Spring Break 2017 that hasn’t already be said about the wheel, penicillin, or the iPhone – this is a gift to us all. Yet, just as the  wheel, penicillin, and the iPhone have changed, so too has Spring Break 2017. How so? Well, it’s over. Extinct. Gone. Spent. For all 14 days of break, I blissfully ignored the reminder on my phone to pay a lock out fee. I had my March Madness bracket tattooed on my back (Sorry mom. Let’s go Duke. Ball out.). I took several nice baths each preceded by a healthy bowel movement! I celebrated another day not receiving jury duty summons.

I’m back on campus now.

In an attempt to overcome the crippling sadness of coming back, I socialized with you people. Here’s how spring break went.

“Don’t do wine enemas. Not over spring break. Not any time.”

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Do it tonight: Chamber Singers and Community Choir Concert

Both groups are directed by this man. The one, the only Doc Locke.

Head over to Rosse Hall tonight to hear the musical stylings of Chamber Singers and Community Choir. Tonight’s lineup will feature a variety of composers from different time periods, which I am sure the program will give ample information on.  Patrick Joyal ’13 will be a guest student conductor and accompaniment by Patty Pelfrey.  At the end of the evening both groups will join together to form a super choir and there will be roughly 150 people on stage at once! So that will be a sight to see!

  • What: Chamber Singers and Community Choir Concert
  • Where: Rosse Hall
  • When: 8:00 p.m.

Do It Tonight: Chamber Singers Concert

Photo by Ally Schmaling '14

If you didn’t hear the Chamber Singers during their Spring Break tour, tonight is your chance.*  At 8:00 in Rosse, they’ll be presenting their tour program, which includes a wide range of musical styles, from Bach, to Brahms, to Hebrew and South African music, to some more modern compositions, including one by Doc Locke himself.

As an added bonus, Doc Locke is offering a MiddleGround milkshake and a Chamber Singers CD to whichever (non-Chamber Singer) student can identify the greatest number of references to birds included in the concert. (Hint: Wach auf, meins Herzens Schöne includes the lyric “kleinen Waldvöglein.”) Additionally, I personally am offering $10 to whomever can correctly predict the number of singers to faint onstage tonight. Leave your guesses in the comments!

Chamber Singers Home Concert, conducted by Professor Benjamin Locke, tonight at 8:00 in Rosse Hall.

*Of course, I’m a total Chamber Singers groupie, so I stowed away under the bus and heard them in every city.

Chamber Singers Tour: “You’re bound to get a couple fainters”

So much love! Photo by Ally Schmaling '14.

The Office of Public Affairs will tell you that Kenyon’s esteemed Chamber Singers spent their spring break visiting “seven cities in seven days, stopping along the way to make some beautiful music.” And while this is true, we at The Thrill know you’re probably more interested in bus-board hijinks and singer shenanigans than in Bach’s Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied (y’all should be ashamed of yourselves, you uncultured gossip hounds). So we’ve invited Singers Ally Schmaling ’14 and Will Quam ’14 to share some of their favorite memories.

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A Musical Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday there are a number of fine musical events around the Hill. These concerts will certainly provide a nice break to your busy schedule.

Rosse Hall

On Saturday evening, Kenyon’s Community Choir and the Chamber Singers will be performing at Rosse Hall Auditorium at 8:00 p.m. As always, both choirs will be conducted by Professor Ben Locke and accompanied by Patty Pelfrey.

Sunday afternoon, the Kenyon’s Symphonic Wind Ensemble will be playing at Rosse Hall Auditorium at 3:00 p.m., conducted by Visiting Professor Claudio Re.

And Sunday evening, Kenyon’s String Ensemble will be playing at Brandi Recital Hall in Storer Hall at 8:00 p.m., led by Adjunct Instructor of Music Luis Biava.