An Interview with the Hosts of Philanthrodance

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Happy first week back on campus! How are your classes? Are your professors chill as hell? Want to eat lunch with me because I’m desperately alone and bereft of hope? Any fun holiday stories?

Oh, you don’t care. The weekend is fast approaching, and all you care about is twisting the night away with all two of your closest pals. You’re ready to twerk to some Miley Cyrus, 2014-style. I totally understand.

But if I may, your style of partying sounds a little… selfish. I mean, who’s really benefitting from your weekend plans? Wouldn’t you rather party with a purpose? Don’t you want to help people while getting down with your bad self?

If that sounds appealing, look no further than PHILANTHRODANCE, a cool get-together meant to make the world around us just a little bit better. For more details, I interviewed Peter Granville ’16 and Gibson Oakley ’16, president and vice president of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity.

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Catch the ‘Inspiration’ Bug with Shaka Smart ’99


Like most normal people, I generally ignore the ads that invade my viewing space on websites, especially sports websites. But there’s one ad that’s worth the time and deserves more than a fly’s worth of attention span. On, beneath the headlines, is a small purple box labeled “Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge.” And, WHAT, Shaka Smart ’99, Virginia Commonwealth University’s head coach, appears to be winning this challenge? Well, let’s check it out!

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