The Thrill’s Summer Sum-Up

I searched "Summer 2016" on Google Images and got this bullshit. It's a screencap from a video about Tupperware's summer collection of plasticware. I hate it here.

I searched “Summer 2016” on Google Images and got this bullshit. It’s a screencap from a video about Tupperware’s summer collection of plasticware. I hate it here.

Were you too wrapped up in your coffee-grabbing, copy-making whirlwind of a summer internship to check your Kenyon email? Not to worry! The Thrill has got you HELLA covered. Slap your dorm buddies five, throw a couple frisbees in the quad and sink back into college life the old fashioned way – by diving into the drama of our collective Kenyon existence headfirst and without remorse. Check out the biggest summer headlines after the jump! Continue reading

How to Pronounce: “Peircegiving”

As stated so succinctly in Chef Meagan’s 2014 Peircegiving address: “what a sexy sight ;)” (via

You already know what it is! But in case you don’t, Peircegiving is the highly anticipated, annual autumnal feast that will be taking place in Peirce Dining Hall this Wednesday (tomorrow!) from 5-8 PM. Grab some friends, grab a table, and grab stock of your year so far and really think about what and who you’re thankful for as you funnel hot gravy and chilled cranberry sauce down your throat like a goose being forcefed corn in order to fatten its liver for foie gras!
(Ed. Note: that image is really sad and graphic and that type of farming is rly messed up, sorry about that, this Peircegiving i am thankful for ethical agriculture, ty and have a good break every1).

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10 o’clock list: Plausible Peirce Pizza Creations

Pizza muffins apparently do exist elsewhere, as evidenced by my Google search. (via

God bless Peirce Hall. Behind those heavy wooden doors lies a world of culinary experimentation unsurpassed by the most modern molecular gastronomy. Recently, special attention seems to have been paid to the Hearth station, where Chef Meagan seems to enjoy concocting exciting pizza-themed starches, as exemplified by last semester’s pizza muffin, and last Friday’s pizza waffle. But why stop there? Here, I give my humble opinions for some delicacies that could tickle the pizza-prone palate of any college student.

1. Pizza semifreddo. This Italian dessert could translate into a three-part frozen mousse: marinara, mozzarella, and essence of Canadian bacon. Together they’d make a frozen concoction that could be served either on a big cookie, or a savory cracker!

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10 o’clock list: Ways to Stay at Kenyon Post-Graduation

Like Bruegel’s Icarus, you may fall, and no one will ever notice. (via Wikipedia Commons)

The end is nigh, seniors. Soon you will slap on a pair of wings, and like the young Icaruses you are, you will aim for the sky. Hopefully not too high. You know what happened to Icarus because you went to a liberal arts school. Go for middle-management. Don’t melt those wings. Anyhow, for those of you who may not want to fly, there’s nothing wrong with trying to prolong the undergraduate experience for a little longer. So here are a few ideas of how you can stay at Kenyon after you graduate.

1. Trick Chef Meagan into thinking you are the twin of her unborn child. Sneak into her nursery and climb into her baby’s crib in nothing but a diaper. Hopefully she will take you in, and you will spend a second childhood being raised by one of our most beloved community members. (Though be careful that she doesn’t post pictures of you to Instagram, blowing your cover!) Continue reading

Unsung Heroes Week: Final Day

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February 16th-20th is Kenyon’s First Annual Unsung Heroes Week, a community project designed to appreciate the efforts of Maintenance, AVI and Campus Safety. We are proud to recognize the efforts of these employees as valuable members of the Kenyon community. The long term goal of this project is the establishment of a small scholarship fund for a child or grandchild of a Kenyon AVI, Maintenance or Campus Safety worker living in Knox County and pursuing higher education at a college or university. Please share this project with your Kenyon College friends, family members, alumni, or anyone else who you feel would be interested. Let’s give these workers the recognition they deserve!


Michael, Danville (Left), Meagan (Center), Nick, Columbus (Right), AVI

“What’s your favorite part about working at Kenyon?”

“Michael: “When I initially started working here I had just graduated from high school. I had a few friends that were accepted here and I got to see them and work at the same time. I got to still see my friends and make money. And I moved into the position I’m in now and I just like cooking and the people I work with and it’s a very positive atmosphere here.” Continue reading