Jeni’s? At The KAC? Is This Real?

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O almighty Meagan, don’t break my heart.

According to a recent Peirce status update from Thrill idol Chef Meagan, Columbus-based favorite Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream will be making its debut at the KAC in October. We here at the Thrill cannot yet confirm whether this will be a one-off appearance, a permanent fixture or merely a beautiful, sweaty campus fever dream, but this preliminary intel suggests I willl be making my sole annual pilgrimage to the KAC sometime in October. (JK, I went down there to get my friend’s car out of South 2 Parking. So we could drive to Jeni’s.)


The Thrill Presents “Her” Outtakes Feat. Chef Meagan

Videography by Izzy Johnson ’15, voiceover by Olivia Grabar Sage ’15.

It’s become clear that Kenyon’s obsession with Peirce’s social media presence — and, in particular, the tweets/status updates of one Chef Meagan — borders on infatuation. So, in appreciation of Chef Meagan’s spell over the student body, and in anticipation of Social Board and Cinearts’ screening of Spike Jonze’s Her tomorrow in Gund Gallery, we proudly present a rare outtake from Her, chronicling the unique romance of a confused boy (or campus) and his OS (or dining hall social media guru). Continue reading

Irrational Kenyon Phobias

OH DEAR LORD WHY via Wikimedia commons

(via Wikimedia commons)

Kenyon is a fantastic place, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that it messes with our heads every once in a while. Here are some common phobias experienced by Kenyon students, and why those fears are irrational.

Gatapsygeiophobia – The fear of opening the mini-fridge in your dorm room to find it swarming with live feral cats. This is, of course, irrational, as cats do not have opposable thumbs; even BamBam’s polydactyl  paws cannot grip the handle to your refrigerator. Also, mini-fridges are just that: mini. The likelihood that more than two cats could fit in a mini-fridge at one time is close to nil.

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10 o’clock list: 5 Best Kenyon-in-February Toasts


Nixon and Zhou both loved a good atypical toast (via WikiMedia Commons)

 February is a make it or break it kind of month. At this point in the year, you either resign yourself to watching videos of cats shredding toilet paper on Youtube, or you  get your game face on– that is, your pre-game face. Drinking in the confines of your dungeon of a dorm room can certainly be monotonous, but there are ways to fix this. For example, toasts. A pre-gulp toast makes drinking any variety of liquid more exciting. HOWEVER, we’re far beyond the jaded bottoms up! or even worse, cheers! (what are you a mid-century aristocrat?). Time to let the creative juices flow–that’s right–we’re here with some straight-up juicy ideas for atypical toasts. Sit your nether-regions down and pick your glasses up — get ready to make the most(s) out of your toasts.

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What Is This Building?

237 235

After a short walk around the Kenyon campus, anybody could tell that there are all kinds of different and mysterious buildings around here. Especially as a First Year, there are some buildings that are a complete mystery to me. And don’t lie to yourselves, upperclassmen. You could still find yourself standing in front of an unmarked building, befuddled and trying to recall what exactly this strange edifice could be for. Continue reading