Where Was It Said: Comfort or in Bed?

Allow me to make you comfortable. (via photobucket)

Whether the mere mention of Peirce food fills your tummy with the happy rumblies or the cruddy yuckies, a Peirce meal is an experience that most of us undergo anywhere from one to seven (?) times a day. And wherever you lie on the spectrum of AVI loyalty, there is one thing that we all can agree on: the raw sexual energy that abounds within the threshold of those glass door. Hungry bodies, jostling and rubbing against each other frantically; the forbidden intermingling of wheat products in the gluten free freezer; the sudden chemistry of two hands accidentally touching whilst both reaching for the sweet, gooey release achieved from a dollop of Yoder’s Family Farm strawberry preserves… In Chef Meagan’s immortal words, taken from her Peircegiving 2014 address, “What a sexy sight :) ”.

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10 o’clock list: Lesser Known Taxis You Could Be Taking

There are alternatives

There are alternatives

We all know about Dad’s Taxi. It’s there. It exists. Big whoop. Honestly, after my recent experience, I’m not really very interested in inanimate objects claiming to be my dad. Here’s a list of lesser known options you could choose instead of Dad’s Taxi. Continue reading

Jeni’s? At The KAC? Is This Real?

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 4.58.46 PM

O almighty Meagan, don’t break my heart.

According to a recent Peirce status update from Thrill idol Chef Meagan, Columbus-based favorite Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream will be making its debut at the KAC in October. We here at the Thrill cannot yet confirm whether this will be a one-off appearance, a permanent fixture or merely a beautiful, sweaty campus fever dream, but this preliminary intel suggests I willl be making my sole annual pilgrimage to the KAC sometime in October. (JK, I went down there to get my friend’s car out of South 2 Parking. So we could drive to Jeni’s.)

The Thrill Presents “Her” Outtakes Feat. Chef Meagan

Videography by Izzy Johnson ’15, voiceover by Olivia Grabar Sage ’15.

It’s become clear that Kenyon’s obsession with Peirce’s social media presence — and, in particular, the tweets/status updates of one Chef Meagan — borders on infatuation. So, in appreciation of Chef Meagan’s spell over the student body, and in anticipation of Social Board and Cinearts’ screening of Spike Jonze’s Her tomorrow in Gund Gallery, we proudly present a rare outtake from Her, chronicling the unique romance of a confused boy (or campus) and his OS (or dining hall social media guru). Continue reading

Irrational Kenyon Phobias

OH DEAR LORD WHY via Wikimedia commons

(via Wikimedia commons)

Kenyon is a fantastic place, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that it messes with our heads every once in a while. Here are some common phobias experienced by Kenyon students, and why those fears are irrational.

Gatapsygeiophobia – The fear of opening the mini-fridge in your dorm room to find it swarming with live feral cats. This is, of course, irrational, as cats do not have opposable thumbs; even BamBam’s polydactyl  paws cannot grip the handle to your refrigerator. Also, mini-fridges are just that: mini. The likelihood that more than two cats could fit in a mini-fridge at one time is close to nil.

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