Kenyon Siblings: The Chadalavadas


Here at Kenyon College we laugh when the Pierce allergen signs claim broccoli and cheese soup doesn’t contain milk. We cry when we mistakenly wear shorts on a 35 degree sunny day, defeated again by the ever changing Ohio climate. We eat pizza at 2am whilst considering the feeble state of our existence. But, what is all of that without someone to share it with? That’s what Sriya Chadalavada ’19 and Srila Chadalavada ’20 thought when they decided to share the experience that is Kenyon College with their sibling. Who better to share this whirlwind with than your womb-mate?

What made you both decide to come to Kenyon?


Look at these two cuties!

Sriya: I went to a high school in a rural area that offered small classes. Kenyon shared those qualities. I also liked Kenyon because it was fairly close to my hometown, Cincinnati.

Srila: I originally tried to apply to a completely different set of school from Sriya. Kenyon was the one school on her list that I still really wanted to apply to. It’s small  tight knit community and not too far from home, while having all the perks of a liberal arts school. Kenyon just happened to be perfect for both of us!

Sriya, what was your reaction to Srila choosing to come here?

Sriya: We actually went to boarding school together so I had missed her a bit during my freshman year. I was really glad that she picked Kenyon!
Do you see each other on campus often?

Sriya: Yeah, I would say we do. We have lunch together sometimes, and last semester we took a dance class together!

Srila: We see each other on campus all the time! I love eating meals with her! I always go to her when I need advice on anything.

What has been your best Kenyon sibling memory?

Sriya: When I left my k-card in my room and needed to get back into Caples right before a class. Srila ran over from the library to let me in. What does it say about me that this memory is my favorite?

Srila: When I came to visit Sriya during her first parents weekend, we met a llama at the BFEC. It was a very enjoyable time and that experience sold me on the Kenyon experience.

What’s the best part of going to school with a sibling?

Sriya: I know I have someone here who’s always got my back

Srila: I went to boarding school with my sister too, so I feel like we’ve gotten good at finding our own things to do but, also things we do together. I think the best part is knowing that she’s so close by if I need anything.

I heard through the grapevine that you Srila choose to join AST, which you Sriya are an active member of. How do you two feel about the prospect of being siblings twice over?

Sriya: I’m excited! I think she’s really going to love being a part of the group.

Srila: This is kind of a funny story. I told my roommate before the beginning of the semester that I would rush any sorority except AST  because Sriya was in it. I also jokingly said “but just wait, it’s going to be perfect for me and I’ll probably end up joining” which is exactly what happened. I personally think that not many people can say that they are sisters^2 so I’m all for it.

What Peirce food represents you as Kenyon siblings?

Sriya: The fro-yo… Its presence in Peirce is just as constant as our relationship.

Srila: Chickpeas. Just kidding she’s allergic to them so she can’t eat them. But I can. So I win.