The Kenyon College Magic Tree House Series: Follow The Adventures of Two Students on an Acid Trip Who Think They’re Traveling Through Time

91JmRQ7Pq6LSam ’21 and Julia ’20 are just two regular Kenyon kids, but when they take a tab of acid and discover a tree house in the BFEC, something magical happens…

This series follows the adventures of Sam and Julia, two children who are magically transported to historical Kenyon settings through the use of a mysterious tree house and psychedelic drugs. Enlisted to help Philander Chase — a powerful enchantress — they set out to learn about historic Kenyon and solve age old puzzles such as: Are my shits liquid because of Peirce coffee or anxiety? Should I dye my hair or just buy some blue eyeliner? Do I have to live in Brooklyn Post-Grad? Continue reading

Childhood Halloween Memories and Photos III

We’ve collected some of the best photos and memories of the Thrill staff’s favorite Halloweens. It’s the same thing we did two years ago, only better. To see the first half of this year’s photos and memories, click here.

Gracie Potter ’17: scangracie0012

“That was the first time I ever had lipstick on my mouth, so I refused to open my mouth to speak. My mom would remind me that I could speak normally every so often, so I would open my mouth for a few words. After that, though, it was back to tight-lipped Princess Amadala mode.”

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My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story

Here at The Thrill, we love taking a look back at old (dare I say, repressed) memories. And what better way than looking back at your old Elementary School Journals. Journals are an unbiased look into the past which show us how much we’ve changed- or stayed the same. Personally, I never made it more than a page or two into any of my journals as a kid (my most common entry was “I promise I’ll write more!), but some Kenyon students were much more dedicated. What were your classmates thinking about 10 years ago? Find out below the jump.

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The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did


Middle-school kids often get bored and do dumb stuff in the summertime. Shocker, I know, but some kids take their boredom to more extreme ends than others. Case-in-point: me and my childhood friends. Almost none of what we did during the summer could be construed as safe, whether it was ultimate fighting in a basement (we had just seen Never Back Down), or throwing dry ice at each other. (Looking back, basically all we did was try to push the limits of how much we could hurt each other without our parents knowing.)

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My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story Vol. II

MAJ fifth grade

Whatever, let’s not talk about it.

As you can tell from this yearbook photo, I was in fifth grade once. This was a time before I attended the 84th best party school in the nation; a quieter time of turtlenecks and braces.We received such a great response from our first article that The Thrill has decided to continue this series of early (and some might say “awkward”) writing from Kenyon students. Continue reading

Childhood Halloween Memories and Photos

We have collected some of our “favorite” Halloween childhood memories and a few photos of the Thrill staff in their Halloween bests. Some are cute, some are funny, some are so cute and funny you might consider wearing one of your old Halloween costumes on Wednesday or this weekend. That Pink Power Ranger costume will totally still fit.

Spencer Kaye ’14: 

Spencer Kaye ’14 and Dylan Kaye ’15 in their Halloween finest.

When Dylan and I were a lot younger, it was a big “to-do” to decorate the house for Halloween.  We would go down to the basement and pull out all these decorations a few weeks in advance so that we could get that vintage New England October look, so that the whole neighborhood would know that it was definitely October.  The decorating was really fun except for this one decoration.  We had this little semi-circle window that was over our door and we used to put this freakish vampire in that window on the outside.  The thing about it was that it was double sided so from the inside it was as if there was a legitimate vampire looking it.  This was a real vampire too, not an Edward Cullen or a Bill Compton but a Nosferatu.  For the entire month of October I had to look at this thing.  Nights were the absolute worst, I couldn’t even go downstairs I was so terrified of this thing.  So while Halloween was one of my favorite holidays, I could not wait until the decorations came down.

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