The Monday Catchup

Digging through the rubble in Nepal. via

Good morning folks! Here’s what you missed while you were sending-off, extending-off and neverending-off:

The lead story: A massive earthquake struck Nepal over the weekend. The quake, which struck on Saturday and measured a 7.9 on thr Richter Scale, was centered in the Nepali capital of Kathmandu, but was felt in many small villages in the countryside as well. The quake also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest. So far over 2,700 people are reported dead and rescue workers have been working nonstop, though they must work in fear of the aftershocks that have continued after the main quake struck.

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Tweets on Tweets on Tweets: Volume III


Do you know why this girl is smiling? Because she knows who to follow on Twitter, that’s why.

Yes, many Kenyon students have great Twitter presences. But also “the administration” (or whatever) runs some great Twitter accounts. After scouring my Twitter feed, I’ve found the best vaguely adult Kenyon related Twitter accounts. These Twitters might not make you laugh, but they will keep you informed, give you something to talk to your grownup friends about and help you talk up Kenyon while you’re home for break.

First, we have @kenyoninthenews. As its name suggests, this College run account highlights the achievements of Kenyon students, past and present. Kenyon In the News is probably the easiest way to find articles about Kenyon alumni as well as big events on campus (e.g. Michelle Obama).

Sample Tweet:


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Seeking Gastrointestinal Disaster? Look No Further

Josh Bloom '13, right, fought mightily against the burritos, and for his efforts won $60. (Sam Colt for The Thrill.)

As many of you sat down for dinner this evening, a select group of adventurous students also sat down together for dinner — but with a competitive twist. Hosted by Gund Gameroom, this year’s annual eating competition featured 12 students and 50 (that’s fifty) Chipotle burritos. The rules were as follows:

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